Matthieu Delourme is a french contemporary artist working in China. (Shanghai area)

He is also the creator of Monaddigital an Art platform to exhibit Art online. ->

Phd at the China academy of Art of Hangzhou. Since 2010, he is writing about the 'Netcycling' concept. The ‘Netcycling’ is the process to reuse the network content to make an artistic object which is also available online.

Also professor at the Zhejiang City University of Art and Design.





Interview in "L'Oeil de Links" Canal+

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Matthieu Delourme was born in 1985 in France. His father was a computer ingenior, so he very soon was immersed into a computer and network world. In 2001, he become a football player at Stade Rennais FC (2002-04) and FC Lorient (2004-05) but stop is carrer to continue Art. After two exchange program in United States (at the MICA in Baltimore) and in China (China Academy of Art) he obtain his Master degree in 2008 and decided to mouve to Shanghai into the Art program Offshore directed by Paul Devautour.

In Shanghai, he found, and continued to work about our new relationship to the network. In 2010 he is selected into the PhD program of the New Media department at the China Academy of Art. (2010-15) And develop his thesis named "Netcycling".

For several years, Matthieu Delourme exhibited his works from Paris to Shanghai, but also Caracas, Sao Paulo, London, New York, Moscou,.. into group and solo exhibitions.



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Welcome on Matthieu Delourme is a french contemporary artist working between France and China. Currently in Hangzhou, China. (Shanghai area) (Phd New Media, China academy of art) to see netcycling ---------------------------------------------------- Matthieu Delourme 是法国当代艺术家,在法国和中国 之间的互联网工作。 . 目前


在中国杭州。中国美术学院, 新媒体, 博士

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