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Numeric pictures composed of 'Netcycling' images.
2010, China.










Show during the Hollow Box exhibition at DongZha Art Center,
02/05 - 03/06/2011, JiaXing, China.





Show during Saturation, solo exhibition of Matthieu Delourme, nomade gallery, 22/06 - 17/07/2013, Hangzhou, CHINA




Tshirt made for the 4rth exhibition





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Welcome on Matthieu Delourme is a french contemporary artist working between France and China. Currently in Hangzhou, China. (Shanghai area) (Phd New Media, China academy of art) to see netcycling ---------------------------------------------------- Matthieu Delourme 是法国当代艺术家,在法国和中国 之间的互联网工作。 . 目前


在中国杭州。中国美术学院, 新媒体, 博士

Matthieu Delourme Artist . . . www.matthieudelourme . . . contact: . .